Infinite Campus Unveils the Campus Mobile Portal

Blaine, MN (PRWEB) October 05, 2011

Infinite Campus announces the Campus Mobile Portal, the first in a series of fully-integrated, easy-to-use mobile learning tools. The Campus Mobile Portal has been designed from the ground up to intelligently interact with the information stored in the district’s Infinite Campus database.

Because it’s informed by Campus Census, parents/guardians with more than one student in their family can easily switch from one to another’s information with the flick of a fingertip. It’s also integrated with the advanced, object-oriented Campus Security system, so each student in the family can only view his/her own information.

The new Campus Mobile Portal is available for free from the App StoreSM. Once the app has been installed on an Apple® iOS device (iPod Touch®, iPhone®, iPad®), parents and students can access grades, attendance and schedule information virtually anywhere.

Daily Planner allows students to know exactly when and where they need to be and to see the assignments coming up in each of their classes.

Assignments provides detailed information about what students are, were, or will be expected to do in each class.

Attendance provides both summary and detail information about absences and tardies.

Grades provides immediate access to the important metrics of success and allows parents and students to “drill down” to the assignments that make up a particular grade.

Notifications, once enabled by the district, allow parent and student subscribers to receive notifications regarding changes to assignments, grades and attendance changes according to their individual notification preferences.

“The Campus Mobile Portal is a powerful tool that gives parents and students access to key educational information from anywhere at any time,” said Charlie Kratsch, CEO and founder of Infinite Campus. “The Campus Mobile Portal also provides ‘push notification’ that automatically alerts users of grade, assignment and attendance changes. Once again, Infinite Campus reinforces its position as the industry’s technology leader.”

The Campus Mobile Portal is yet another example of how Infinite Campus adds ever-growing value to our customers who, month after month, receive new features without additional cost as part of their subscription. In this case, the Infinite Campus District Edition now includes the data structures and business logic necessary to provide student-related data to students and parents via mobile devices…important core functionality that will be leveraged by future enhancements.

About Infinite Campus

For over a decade, Infinite Campus has successfully implemented its solutions for customers of all sizes. Infinite Campus applications manage more than 4.5 million students in 43 states. Infinite Campus customers range from those with fewer than 100 students to more than 600,000 including school districts, regional consortia, state departments of education and the federal government.


[] Steve Jobs Death Will Affect Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Montclair, New Jersey (PRWEB) October 05, 2011

Steve Jobs has transformed the lives of consumers and businesses – especially small businesses, writes Ramon Ray, Editor & Technology Evangelist of

He writes that Steve’s legacy, is in two parts, the creation of Apple as a competitor to the PC industry and the revolution of the mobile marketplace in the creation of the iPhone.

With his death the stimulation of innovative competitiveness could be stifled.

In the blog post ( ) Ramon writes that Apple computer was always the scrappy competitor and alternative to Microsoft and PC vendors.

When Steve Jobs launched the “i” series of products – iPod, iPhone, iTouch, and iPad Steve ushered in a drastic transformation of the stagnant mobile computing market.

Apple’s entry into the mobile market was the catalyst of Google launching Android, Black Berry’s dominance on the corporate mobile market being seriously challenged and Microsoft Windows Mobile franchise being critically challenged, thus stimulating Microsoft to rethink it’s entire mobile strategy.

Steve Jobs will be missed for showing his peers and competitors that technology needs to be feature rich, fun, well designed and not necessarily cheap. Steve, thanks for enabling more powerful mobile technology for consumers and businesses and especially small businesses. hopes that technology vendors will continue to aggressively innovate and think outside of the “status quo” when designing technology products.

About – is a media company producing evnets and content helping small business owners and entrepreneurs use technology as a tool to further grow their businesses.


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Sacramento Water Damage Repair Experts On The Cancer Related Death Of Apple Founder Steve Jobs

Sacramento, Ca (PRWEB) October 06, 2011

Sacramento water damage repair and restoration experts company owner Maria Neumann was at the Sacramento Apple store on October 5, 2011 at around 6:00 p.m. when she first heard the news that Steve Jobs of Apple Computer had passed away according to Yahoo News. “Sacramento water damage repair is my business and I deal with real emergencies all the time, I cry with my customers all the time, but this is different. To have a man that changed the way we live pass away far too early is a major injustice,” said Maria. According to eye witness accounts many people who had come to see the iPhone 4S at the Sacramento Apple Store started to cry upon hearing the news that Steve Jobs had assed away. Other recounted the numberless accomplishments Jobs had achieved while at Apple and Pixar. Maria is one of many millions who are mourning the loss of former Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs. Maria said she first heard the news on Google in the plus community she belongs to while she was waiting in line at the Sacramento Apple Store. “The news of the death of Steve Jobs came across and I thought it was a hoax. He was running the company just a few weeks ago. As more and more plus postings, tweets and facebook updates came across I knew it was the truth,” said Maria.

For many Steve Jobs is the person who brought the personal computer into the home and small business. For the younger generation he is the person who revolutionized the way we listen to music. For the current generation Steve Jobs is the visionary who brought iPods, iPhones and iPads. “I specialize in Sacramento water damage repair and restoration and I commit myself to customer satisfaction the way Steve Jobs did,” says Maria of Water Damage Recovery.

Steve Jobs has fought a very public battle with cancer over the last few years. In 2004 he had a pancreatic cancer surgery and in 2009 he had a liver transplant. He fought a hard battle for many years and eventually passed as a result of his condition but he will be remembered for centuries.

When Steve Jobs was 35 he was asked to leave the company he started with Stephen Wozniak in 1976 out of a garage in Silicon Valley in Northern California. After 12 years he was asked to return to Apple after being recognized as a visionary and marketing genius. During his 12 year absence from Apple Steve Jobs became an integral part of developing Pixar Productions which has produced many successful movies such as, “ Toy Story.”

To learn more about our Sacramento water damage repair company please view our local profiles:

Water Damage Recovery

852 Northport Drive #101

West Sacramento, CA 95691

(800) 886-1801

Sacramento Water Damage Repair Yelp

Water Damage Repair Sacramento

Sacramento Water Damage Repair


A Tasty Pixel Releases iPad Version of Loopy, the Acclaimed Live-Looping Music App

FERRIÈRES-EN-GÂTINAIS, France (PRWEB) October 06, 2011

Software artisan company, A Tasty Pixel today announces the launch of Loopy HD, the iPad and universal version of its acclaimed live looping app. Loopy HD lets anyone create music by layering looped recordings of singing, beatboxing, or playing an instrument in a sleek, tactile interface that combines power with simplicity. The app fully exploits the iPad’s large display with up to 12 tracks for rich, detailed compositions. A wealth of expressive features lets more advanced users take their creativity even further.

The original iPhone-only version of Loopy, launched in June, has received acclaim from music industry commentators and musicians alike, and has been recently featured by Apple on the App Store.

“This is the best loop station on the iPhone,” said professional beatboxer and recording artist Dub Fx. Pro audio blog “iOS Recording” recently wrote “Loopy 2 is by far the best looper for the iPhone we’ve seen to date.”

Loopy’s unique approach allows it to maintain an easy-to-use interface while still packing in powerful, industry-standard features. Users familiar with professional studio applications like Ableton Live will not be disappointed by Loopy’s feature set, which includes overdubbing, merging, panning, time shifting, and live tempo scaling. A sophisticated interactive tutorial system lets users discover Loopy’s more advanced features at their own pace.

Loopy HD empowers musicians and casual users alike to:

Record and layer, with up to twelve beautifully-rendered circular loops featuring overdubbing, count-in, count-out and record chaining.
Import and construct, by importing loops from your computer, or from other apps with integrated MAPI AudioPaste, and fit loops to your beat, no matter what tempo.
Manipulate and tweak, with a host of track features: full stereo audio with pan controls, track merging, and live, dynamic tempo adjustment.
Perform and share, by recording whole performances with in-app session recording facilities, and sharing to SoundCloud, Twitter, Facebook or via email. Export to many other audio apps with MAPI AudioCopy.

The iPhone-only version of Loopy has also received a significant update today, introducing new controls, tempo-tapping and improved performance and timing accuracy.

Device Requirements:

iPad, iPhone 3Gs or newer, or 3rd-generation iPod Touch or newer (microphone accessory recommended) running iOS 4.0 or later.

Loopy HD runs on the iPod Touch, but it is not specifically designed for these devices. iPod Touch users must use Loopy HD with a headset, as the iPod Touch does not have an inbuilt microphone.

Pricing and Availability: Loopy HD is available at the special 50% off launch price of $ 3.99 (USD) exclusively through the App Store in the Music category.

About A Tasty Pixel

A Tasty Pixel specializes in iPhone and Mac apps with beautiful and functional user interfaces – software that works like an extension of oneself, with the charm and elegance that make it a pleasure to use. A Tasty Pixel currently has two iPhone apps available on the App Store — The Cartographer and Loopy. A Tasty Pixel products have been extensively featured by Apple and have been finalists on several occasions for the prominent iPhone industry competition, Best App Ever Awards, hosted by 148 Apps.

A Tasty Pixel can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

# # #

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Walnut Creek Sewer Repair Plumber Reflects on Cancer Related Death of Apple Founder Steve Jobs

Walnut Creek, Ca (PRWEB) October 06, 2011

Walnut Creek Sewer repair and trenchless sewer replacement plumber Gary Dimodana who owns Evenflow Plumbing was at the Apple Store on 10/05/2011 at 5:45 p.m. trying to buy the new Apple iPhone 4S when he heard about the cancer related death of Apple Founder Steve Jobs. as reported by CNN News to http:/ “The first thing I felt was a loss. Even though I didn’t know Steve Jobs personally, he is just one of those guys who has really changed the world and shouldn’t die so young,” says Gary. News broke on Wednesday afternoon that Steve Jobs has passed away. People who were at the Apple store looking at the Apple iPhone 4S started talking about the news immediately after the news came across their iPhones. “A few people were crying and everyone was definitely deeply saddened by the news. The crowd of people was buzzing with all of the crazy things that Jobs has done and brought to the world,” said Gary.

Steve Jobs has been fighting a long battle with cancer according to Fox News and has passed due to his cancer related illness. It is widely known that Jobs has been suffering through cancer for some years, it was a public battle as reported by ABC News. He had surgery for pancreatic cancer in 2004 and a liver transplant in 2009. Jobs remained the face and CEO of Apple while undergoing various cancer treatments. Steve Jobs will perhaps be best remembered as the Apple visionary who brought personal computers into homes and businesses and then revolutionized the way we live with the introduction of mp3 players like the iPod as well as mobile smart phone devices like the iPhone, and then the latest revolution, the iPad tablet.

Steve Jobs came a long way from when he and Stephen Wozniak started a garage based company in 1976. When he was 35 Apple didn’t seem to need him anymore and he was forced out of the company. But as time went on it became obvious to investors and stock holders that not only was Steve Jobs needed, he was a visionary and marketing genius. Jobs understood that functionality was critical but a sleek look and feel would appeal to the masses. He was known for not settling and encouraging more creativeness from his team before approving prototypes to be released for testing. During his absence from Apple Computer which lasted over a decade Jobs was an integral part of Pixar which went on to release,” Toy Story,” and other popular movies. “Back before I was doing sewer repair and trenchless sewer replacement in Walnut Creek I was playing on my Apple personal computer,” says Gary Dimodana, “This guy is responsible for changing the mindset for the way people process and share information. In my lifetime he is the father of information.”

Though funeral arrangements have not been announced it is clear that many people will want to remember Steve Jobs. put up a splash page tribute to jobs on October 5, 2011 which is viewable by all visitors the Apple website. There is also a link with a small tribute. “tomorrow I will be back to doing sewer repair and trenchless sewer replacement in Walnut Creek, but it weigh heavy on my mind that Steve Jobs is gone.,” says Gary Dimodana.

To learn more about Evenflow Plumbing please see our local business profiles.

Evenflow Plumbing Co Inc

1647 Willow Pass Rd

Suite 268

Concord, CA 94520

(925) 692-5834 ‎

Evenflow Plumbing Co

3527 Mount Diablo Boulevard


Lafayette, CA 94549

(925) 283-5727 ‎

Evenflow Plumbing Co

360 Grand Ave

Suite 155

Oakland, CA 94610

(510) 562-1363 ‎


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Safety-Link Partners With Canvas and Launches Irelands first Mobile Safety Apps

Monaghan, Ireland (PRWEB) October 06, 2011

Monaghan, Ireland based Health and Safety expert Safety-Link Consulting has teamed up with US mobile apps specialist Canvas to provide safety apps for companies and organizations on both sides of the Atlantic, as well as across the globe. The new safety apps will not only save time, but money and lives as well.

The first of their kind in Ireland, these safety apps allow for more efficient and cost effective health and safety routine tasks to be performed. Automated paper-based safety audits, inspections, assessments and reports can now be filled out on any Smartphone or Tablet including iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows enabled mobile devices.

Safety professionals therefore no longer need to rely on cumbersome and sometimes illegible paper forms. Instead, safety forms are completed on an app, which develops a PDF that can be branded and emailed to the customer, supervisor or whomever the user designates. The forms can also be downloaded into Excel, searched online and plugged into back office applications. The apps can even capture a user’s GPS location and photos can be added to any report.

“Health and Safety is a challenging environment and complying with legislation is critical,” according to Martin Denny, Managing Director, Safety-Link Consulting. “The allocation of revenue towards health and safety compliance can be a difficult choice for management, especially in these challenging times. We are a very small business and have been developing our paper-based forms for many years now. We are really pleased to team up with Canvas to make our traditional paper safety forms available as mobile apps for businesses and organizations.”

The concept of using one’s smartphone or tablet to do paperwork is new in Ireland as people typically use these devices to access email, the web, make calls or text. “Safety professionals can now visit our own Safety-Link app store and source apps for Accident reports, First Aid reports, Generic Health and Safety checklists, an Audit for Health and Safety Risk Assessment, a Premises Safety Inspection checklist and even a Drivers Daily Vehicle Safety checklist,” added Martin Denny.

Users across the globe have already signed up for the 30 day Free Trial with Canvas and the Safety-Link’s app in the few days since the apps became available online.

“Our association with Safety-Link reflects a growing movement towards mobile solutions replacing traditional paper forms,” said Michael Benedict, VP, App Store, Canvas. “We are essentially doing for paper forms what the iPod has done for analog music. Working with Safety-Link Consulting is also a terrific example of a transatlantic business relationship built entirely using online communication tools, and one that opens up our businesses to a global audience. It is also a great story of entrepreneurship and innovation in Ireland where an independent businessman has taken his 14 years of expertise in safety and initiated a transatlantic business association for the benefit of his own business, other businesses and the Irish economy.”

The Safety-Link app store in association with Canvas can be found at

About Safety-Link Consulting

Based in Co. Monaghan in Ireland, the company provides Health and Safety consultancy and auditing across public and private sectors, in particular, for SMEs.

Areas of specialisation include: Hazard and Risk Assessments, Safety Statements, PAT Testing (portable appliance testing) in all of the following areas Construction, Transport Distribution and Warehouse storage, Health Care, Security, Manufacturing, Retail, Bar and Restaurant Engineering and community group activities. Safety-Link Consulting has a clear aim which is to enable employers to comply with their legal obligations which are set out in the safety health and welfare at work act of 2005 in Ireland, the general applications regulations 2007-2010 and all other associated legislation.

Martin Denny, Managing Director established Safety-Link Consulting in 2005 and it has grown steadily since and has a strong client base. In order to improve the standard of its risk assessment and auditing services, the company recently launched its own App store in conjunction with US firm Canvas, taking paper work out of the office and making it available to use now on iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile.

Safety-Link Consulting is members of The Chartered Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (IOSH), the National Irish Safety Organisation (NISO) and the European Safety & Health Professional Organisation (ENSHPO). For more information please visit App store:

About Canvas

Canvas makes it easy to publish data collection apps on smartphones and tablets as well as other devices such as laptops, netbooks and barcode scanning devices. Canvas reduces paper consumption, redundant data entry, and excess processes for businesses and mobile professionals. The Canvas software service enables mobile professionals to collect information using their mobile devices and share that information across their business community. This information can even be downloaded directly into popular back-end systems with off the shelf plug ins for popular solutions like QuickBooks and QuickBase.

Canvas also offers the first mobile business app store of its kind, allowing businesses from diverse industries to find mobile applications specific to their business that work on Android, Blackberry, Apple, and Windows mobile/desktop devices. Every Canvas application is customizable by our subscribers, and comes with GPS/location, image capture, electronic signatures and accessibility to a customer’s own data like parts catalogs and patient records. To date, Canvas has automated over 250,000 manual processes/paper forms, making it one of the fastest growing mobile app services for businesses.    To learn more visit


Beezid Announces Charity Tribute to Steve Jobs

New York, New York (PRWEB) October 07, 2011

To honor the passing of Steve Jobs, will be celebrating the life and work of one of the great visionaries of our time by offering only Apple and Pixar products for a six-hour period on Friday, October 7th, 2011. The price of all products offered will be frozen at one percent of MSRP, and a percentage of Bid Pack sales during this period will benefit a local charity supporting cancer research.

“Apple products are a big part of our lives here at Beezid, and they are always our most popular items,” said Max Bohbot, CEO of Beezid. “Steve Jobs’ ability to create highly technological products that someone with no technical knowledge could use intuitively, as well as his passion for providing people with high-quality entertainment as a result of his backing of the groundbreaking work of Pixar, speaks very highly to the genius of a man who will be sorely missed, but never forgotten.”

The tribute will begin at 6PM EDT on October 7th, 2011, and will last for six hours, ending at 11:59PM EDT on that same date. Apple products such as iPods, iPhones, iPads, Macbooks, and more will be made available.

“Steve Jobs was more than a technological visionary, he was also an inspiration to countless professionals who drew inspiration from his drive, and his ability to motivate those around him to not only create products that have made the world a better place, but to be better people as well. We here at Beezid have great respect for Steve Jobs and what he has contributed to our society, and we wish to honor his legacy,” Bohbot went on to say, “and we believe his legacy is most strongly held in the products that he created, and championed.”

About is a top rated penny auction website which offers a thrilling spin on online auction shopping and one of the most frequently visited and most-trusted sites of its kind world-wide.. Since its launch in 2009, has become the leading online auction site for consumers to get top products for up to 99% off the retail price daily in a fun, safe and secure online environment. Users take advantage of huge discounts on brand new, brand name products by forming bidding strategies and by using bonuses and incentives offered by Beezid.

There’s never been a better moment to try out Beezid. New users get ten free bids as soon as they sign up and users can always take advantage of promotions on twitter and Beezid’s popular Facebook page. Join close to 30,000 users who “like” Beezid to enjoy huge savings!


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EvoApp Creates a New Infographic – Steve Jobs by the Numbers: A Visual Look at 6 Stats Surrounding His Passing

Durham, NC (PRWEB) October 07, 2011

(Click here for a full screen version of the infographic)

Steve Jobs was an iconic figure, and one that changed the world and the way we think about technology. The world lost one of the greatest innovators of the modern era. To put the impact of his passing in perspective, social media business intelligence company EvoApp has created a new infographic highlighting his accomplishments and showing how the web responded hour by hour.

             -    Estimated 10,000 tweets per second following the announcement of Steve Job’s death – this would be the most tweets per second ever recorded. This beats the previous record of 8868 tweets per second when US singer Beyoncé announced her pregnancy at the MTV Awards.

             -    For October 6th 2011, 8 out of the 10 top Google search terms were Steve Jobs and Apple related.

             -    The top trending hashtag on twitter over the last 24 hours is #iSad

             -    As the news exploded, Apple mentions skyrocketed, as people were reminiscing on the incredibly impactful legacy Steve Jobs left behind during his tenure as Apple CEO.

             -    “Steve Jobs” surpassed “Apple” in web mentions on Thursday morning just after 10am EST. Trending words like #ThankYouSteve have filled Facebook updates and Twitter feeds, as people from all walks of life mourn the passing of a great man.

Some of the financial figures are staggering, as well. During his tenure, he oversaw the ‘discovery’ (as he would say) of several game-changing products:

         1)    iPod – the iPod changed the music industry forever. There are now two notable eras in music; “pre-iPod” and “post-iPod”. Arguably one of the greatest inventions in history.

             -    Jobs saw 300 million iPods sold under his watch.

         2)    iPhone – as if the music industry wasn’t enough, the next game-changer was the iPhone. People have never looked at phones the same since.

             -    Apple sold 128 million iPhones under his tenure.

         3)    iPad – Took the personal computing industry to the next level. Revolutionized the way we interact with the personal web.

             -    Apple sold 62 million iPads under his tenure

In addition, Apple saw a +354% increase in net profit margin, +36% average annual profit growth, and +29% average annual stock return during his run as Apple CEO. That was the magic of Steve Jobs; not just, elegance, innovation, and superior functionality, but masterful success as well. Steve was a true master of innovation.

Jobs worked hard to discover beautiful technologies down to his very last breath. Even during his struggle with cancer, he delivered insightful keynotes to wide-eyed onlookers, proving to the world that technology doesn’t have to just be practical, but beautiful and pleasurable as well. He may be gone, but never forgotten. As people explore the next frontier of technological capability, they will always remember the man who changed the game. We’ll leave you with one of Steve’s many inspiring quotes:

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

– Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

About EvoApp

EvoApp is a technology solutions provider helping business to strengthen customer relationships through social media business intelligence. The company uses its proprietary social media business intelligence technology to correlate unstructured social data with complex business performance metrics to help companies understand the social impact on their business. More information about EvoApp is available at

If you’d like more information about social media business intelligence, please call Bart Bartlett at 919 789-1482 or email bart(at)evoapp(dot)com.


Portfolio Mobile Stock Portfolio Management Apps are 50% Off for Columbus Day Weekend

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) October 07, 2011

Bare Reef is celebrating Columbus Day by putting all of its apps on sale at 50% off through Monday, October 10. The latest iPhone and iPad versions can be purchased exclusively through the Apple App Store. The latest Mac version is available at and in the App Store.

Portfolio mobile (previously StockTrac) offers the most comprehensive set of features found in any iPad, iPhone or Mac stock portfolio monitoring application. Among them are:

Support for multiple portfolios
Support for trading in multiple currencies
Technical charting
Reporting (Mac / iPad versions)
PUSH-based price alerts (iPad / iPhone versions)
Broker integration using Open Financial Exchange (OFX)
Portfolio performance comparison and charting
Web-based management and backup

Device Requirements:

iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Mac
Requires iOS 3.2 or later / Mac OS X 10.6

Pricing and Availability:

Portfolio mobile for iPhone is $ 0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies). Portfolio mobile for iPhone Pro is $ 9.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies). Portfolio mobile for iPad is $ 19.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies). Portfolio mobile for Mac is $ 11.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies). iPad and iPhone versions are available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Finance Category. The Mac version is available worldwide in the App Store and at

Bare Reef LCC was founded in 2006 by Greg Hoover to provide customer-driven applications for investors of all backgrounds. Bare Reef develops desktop applications, web-based services and mobile apps for a variety of platforms. Its flagship product, Portfolio mobile (previously StockTrac), comprises a line of mobile and desktop apps that boast an unparalleled feature set and the most responsive support. For further information, review licenses, or to schedule interviews, please contact Bare Reef President Greg Hoover. Copyright (C) 2011 Bare Reef LLC. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and /or other countries.

Greg Hoover




Global Automotive Entertainment Systems (OEM and Aftermarket) to Reach US$40.9 Billion by 2017, According to New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

San Jose, California (PRWEB) October 07, 2011

Follow us on LinkedIn – Years of research and product developments in automotive electronics space have allowed consumers to experience same kind of entertainment that they get from home entertainment systems, in their vehicles and when on the move. Modern day vehicles come equipped with state-of-art entertainment systems, which allows users to play audio or video in their vehicles, thereby enhancing the user experience while driving or when being driven. In-car entertainment is big business with several new automobile models coming equipped with factory fitted high-end entertainment systems, as vehicle manufacturers re-focus on these systems as effective tools for product differentiation in a saturated automobile market. From car audio systems, gaming consoles to the convergence of information and entertainment, infotainment, the market over the last couple of decades has witnessed sea changes in technology development, and evolution. The upcoming years will witness not so common technologies like navigation systems, video systems, integrated cellular, satellite technologies and mobile gaming, evolving into bundled equipment integrated in the automobiles of the future. The rapid technology developments in consumer electronics especially in the field of mobility, has played instrumental roles in influencing consumers preferences for mobile entertainment.

A key guiding design goal for car audio systems is integration. Products with bluetooth connectivity, integration ability with popular consumer media devices, such as, iPods, built-in USB drives, are forecast to score maximum gains in the upcoming years. For instance, integrated models of in-dash DVD players with SD (flash storage) slots, GPS navigation and digital-TV with touch screen, USB ports, and Bluetooth technology are rising in popularity. Miniaturization of speaker systems is especially crucial in car audio systems with consumers preferring thinner speakers and shallow sub-woofers. With the Internet emerging into a vehicle for music proliferation, thanks to the vast library of both freely downloadable music, and pay per song services like Apple’s iTunes, consumers currently demand anytime, anywhere network connections, and access to favorite music.

The MP3 format marked the first step in easy music portability between devices. However, CD/DVD players supporting MP3 require cumbersome transfer of music onto CDs/DVD discs and currently new generation audio systems are designed to directly connect to the network to eliminate compatibility issues with multiple Internet audio formats i.e. WMA, and MPEG versions. Additionally, car audio systems with USB drive eliminates the need for MP3 formatted CDs and allows the user to directly load music from the PC through a pen drive. Also in vogue are car audio systems with Wi-Fi connection that enables the user to directly upgrade hard drive configurations.

As with any other industrial sector, the global automotive entertainment industry had its own initial hurdles, and suffered a setback due to the recent economic recession. While decline in vehicle production hurt demand for in-vehicle entertainment systems in the OEM market, postponements of aftermarket purchases of dispensable aftermarket fittings and accessories including infotainment/entertainment solutions resulted in decline in demand in the aftermarket as well. Expensive aftermarket electronic installations have been especially impacted by the recession as in-vehicle entertainment systems turned extremely unattractive among target vehicle users, given the tight financial conditions. The prolonged recession interestingly induced a long-term shift in consumer perception towards performance, price and value offered by products, which is expected to linger on even into the post recession period.

Going forwards, demand will be driven by recovery in GDP growth, employment rates, incomes levels and discretionary incomes, and rise in consumer confidence. Proliferation of Internet radio in automobiles will continue to gather steam in post recession period, and mirroring this trend is the rising number of in-dash Internet radio systems offered by various OEMs and third party providers.

As stated by the new market research report, Europe and Asia-Pacific together accounts for a major share of the global Automotive Entertainment Systems market in the OEM segment. By segment, Standard Audio Players is the largest contributor to revenues of Automotive Entertainment Systems market in the OEM segment. Conventional AM/FM car radio systems are being largely displaced by digital/satellite radio systems. Add on amplifiers, subwoofers, and speakers are loosing flavor given the growing availability of fully integrated full line audio/video systems. Satellite Radio is forecast to be the fastest growing segment within the Automotive Entertainment Systems market. Global market revenues for Satellite Radio in aftermarket segment are expected to surge at a CAGR of 14.8% over the analysis period. Opportunities in the aftermarket currently stem from upgradation of older vehicles in use.

Major players in the global marketplace include Alpine Electronics of America Inc., Audiovox Corporation, Bose Corporation, Blaupunkt GmbH, Clarion Corporation of America, Continental Automotive GmbH, Delphi Automotive LLP, Harman International, JVC America Inc., Kenwood USA Corporation, KVH Industries Inc., LG Electronics Inc, Magnadyne Corporation, Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America Inc., Myron & Davis, Panasonic Automotive Systems Company of America, Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc., Sirius XM Radio Inc, Sony Corporation, Visteon Corporation, RaySat Inc., among others.

The research report titled “Automotive Entertainment Systems: A Global Strategic Business Report” announced by Global Industry Analysts, Inc., provides a comprehensive review of market trends, issues, drivers, company profiles, mergers, acquisitions and other strategic industry activities. The report provides market estimates and projections (US$ Million) for major geographic markets including the United States, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Rest of World. Market Analytics are reported both at OEM and the Aftermarket Level. Product segments analyzed include DVD Players, Standard Audio Players, Satellite Radio, and Others.

For more details about this comprehensive market research report, please visit –

About Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

Global Industry Analysts, Inc., (GIA) is a leading publisher of off-the-shelf market research. Founded in 1987, the company currently employs over 800 people worldwide. Annually, GIA publishes more than 1300 full-scale research reports and analyzes 40,000+ market and technology trends while monitoring more than 126,000 Companies worldwide. Serving over 9500 clients in 27 countries, GIA is recognized today, as one of the world’s largest and reputed market research firms.

Follow us on LinkedIn

Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

Telephone: 408-528-9966

Fax: 408-528-9977

Email: press(at)StrategyR(dot)com

Web Site:


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